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Board of Directors

Meet our senior leadership

She is a 30 year retiree of the Department of Psychloogy at the University of South Carolina.  She is a published author with 9 published books, 3 which are in the Richland County Library.​

Jerlean S. Noble


A veteran educator with both practical and administrative experiences in all phases of library media center management, technology education on, and distance education at building and district levels.

Ida Thompson

Vice President

Dr. Snooks has a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling and holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from the International Overcoming Outreach School of Religion in Columbia SC.  He has penned several books.  Most of his publications deal with restoring the Church; but he also writes motivational and poetry material.

Dr. Mikell E. Snooks


Ida Thomas

Ida Thomas grew up in South Carolina.  While having an appreciation for visiting other places, South Carolina is always home.  Being one of ten children, she enjoyed an event filled childhood.  She has worked at many jobs in life, but retired as a legal assistant.  At present, she enjoys doing part time work as the Secretary for First Calvary Baptist Church.   While involving herself in many hobbies including some crafting, drawing and painting are favorite pastimes.  However, the true  passion is writing.  

Rochester Baker Sr.

Rochester Baker, Sr. is the Former President of the South Carolina Association of Parliamentarians. He is a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians where he has achieved the status of Professional Registered Parliamentarian.

Viola H. Sanders

She has appeared on several television and radio shows around the country and was featured in Network Journal Magazine, a magazine for African American professionals and small business owners, and AS WE LIVE Magazine - 2007. Viola released her first publication in 1996, entitled "African American Inventors" and has recently developed additional educational material for people of all ages.

Organizing Director
Quantella Jamaica Perry

Quantella Jamaica Perry was born in Charleston, SC. She began her art of writing through poetry and music at the precious age of eleven years old. Writing gave her an outlet when her life became very challenging and the hurt, she was experiencing was overwhelming.


New Member

Cardaro Starlings

With a spark of imagination, Cordaro Starlings constructs stories, poems, scripts, and other literary/visual content that dive into the realm of fiction and reality. He is a self-published fictional author, podcast host, aspiring actor, and avid writer in the genres of drama, humor, short story, essays, and mystery. He channels his time on this Earth into literary, visual, and audio work that illustrates all that he has seen, heard, or done. You can find out more about Cordaro Starlings by visiting His Linktree Now

Kenneth T. Brown, Author

Linda Darnelle Bowman, Author, Poet 

Rev. Louisa Davis Dobbins, Playwright Poet

Kenneth Strong, Writer

Dr. Vivian Hudson, Novelist 

Carrie Dennison Elliott, Writer

Richard Wright, Author, Novelist

Rochester Baker, Author

Esther Ruth Sims, Poet

Myra Davis-Branic, Author 

Donna Davis, Author

Ruthie Grant, Author

Dr. Cathine Scott, Author 

Miriam Gantt, Author

Rosa Bennett, Author

Nicole Travis, Poet, Writer

Mikell Snooks, Author, Poet, Inspirational 

Richard Wright, Author

Karen Romestan,  Poet, Inspirational Writer

Lindell Levert, Poet, Song Writer

Breauna Canei, Poet

Missy Sulton-Akinlolu, Poet

Rev. Frank Houston, Author

Holli McEachern, Writer

Monique Davis, Poet

Shannon Stone, Writer

Ida Thomas, Writer

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