Founded in August 2002 by Jerlean S. Noble, the Columbia Writers Alliance is a non-profit

organization that is open to all published authors and aspiring writers. Many of our writers are now published authors. Many beginning poets have written over 100 poems!

  • Developing and promoting a setting where individuals can express their artistic talents 

  • Providing training and workshops geared toward improving literary and artistic development

  • Creating an environment that invites and retains first rate talent 

  • Building a fund for underprivileged individuals to attend literary events and workshops


Develop and promote a setting that encourages

individual expression. We will work towards inspiring writers

to become published authors.

CWA will maximize its collaborations and 

partnerships to elevate writing and literacy, empowering 

our citizens to reach positive outcomes that enhance their lives.

  • In-house Editing

  • Discussion Forums 

  • Formatting

  • Distribution Assistance

  • Literary Workshops

  •  Conference discounts for CWA members

  • Courtesy web links for author websites

  • Peer Reviews